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A web based e-mail system Now you can send and receive email from anywhere in the world with only a web browser.


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Welcome to ChoiceNet!  We recommend that you print this page and file it some-
where should you ever have a need to reinstall your internet software.

While the wording may differ between software packages, they are synonymous.
The following are some key words to help with the reinstallation process.

       Domain = Domain Name = Domain Suffix
       Domain Name Server = DNS Server = Domain IP Address = Name Server
       Secondary DNS Server = Alternate DNS Server
       SMTP Server = Outgoing Mail Server = Mail Server
       POP3 Server = POP Server = Incoming Mail Server
       News Server = NNTP Server
       Ph Server = Phone Server
       Username = Login = Account Name (this is anywhere from 3 to 10 characters
       in length)

Here is the information you will need to input when reconfiguring your Dial-up
Networking program

       Username = the 3 to 10 character name which is before the @ symbol in
             your email address
       Email Address =
       Domain Name = (Notice there is no c in quiknet. )
       Domain Name Server =
       Primary DNS =
       Secondary DNS =
       SMTP Mail Server =
       POP3 Server =
       News Server =
       Anonymous FTP =
       Personal FTP =

 Here are our access phone numbers:

       Oroville calling area:
                     56K V90 and ISDN = 533-9688
                     14.4, 28.8, and 33.6 = 532-6980
                     56k V90 and ISDN   = 868-1186
                     14.4, 28.8, and 33.6 = 868-5242

Please note: Many areas in our county have phone lines which are not capable of
connecting at the faster speed with a 56K modem. If your connection speed is less
than 33,600 bps and you are dialing the 56K phone number, you would probably see
better connection results with the 33.6K phone number. There are many modems